Terms of Service

This terms of service document is a legal agreement between “You” (Client) and “Us” (Neohost24).

Accepted Usage:

All services provided by Neohost24 must be used for legal purposes only and should not violet any US law including any state, federal or city law. Violation of any US law will result in immediate suspension of your services without any possibility of refund.

Following activities are considered illegal and prohibited but the scope of this document is not limited to these activities:

  • Hosting or distributing copyright material, without prior consent
  • Usage our server to perform DDoS Attacks or intensive server requests
  • Hosting material that is viewed as obscene or indecent. For instance, child pornography or hate speech
  • Spamming / sending unsolicited emails in bulk quantity
  • Distribution of trojans or spyware
  • Sales of controlled substances such as Illegal Drugs or any related content
  • Promoting hate or racism against any specific group of people or an individual

Refund Policy:

We provide a 3-day (three) money back guarantee period for you to trial our services without any commitment. This applies to shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS accounts only, and does not apply to addons, domain registrations, one-time services, etc.

You must open a support ticket to our Billing Department within 3 days of your order to request a refund. Please note that refunds are processed within 72 hours.

Abuse on our Infrastructure:

Using our servers to perform stress testing, outbound DDoS attacks, crypto mining, intensive I/O operations or performing actions that test our servers to their full limit and may cause harm or slight interruption/performance degradation to our equipment.

As a client your are responsible for all your accounts. Any attempt to make damage to our servers or other clients are strictly prohibited by the authority of this agreement.

Your account may be suspended if this is violated. We will provide a second chance if you contact us via support ticket.


Sending unsolicited emails in bulk quantity is strictly prohibited and also punishable by law. Sending emails to customers submit their consent to you by subscribing to your services is allowed.

However, If any of our IP address gets banned or black listed due to spamming activities performed by you, we may not only immediately suspend your account but we also have right to take legal action against you.

Server Backup:

Although we run all of our infrastructure on redundant hardware and RAID arrays it is important to keep in mind that all data hosted on your account is your responsibility. In any scenario, we are not responsible to provide you backup.

VPS Accounts:

Other than general prohibited activities above, for VPS accounts, below activities are also not allowed to be performed.

  • any software that perform intensive CPU I/O operations.
  • scripts that involve mass marketing of any kind.
  • performing brute force and other penetration techniques or vulnerability-checking programs, even if for security purpose
  • crawling / scraping or making extensive number of requests to other sites, with or without their consent (i.e. Macros scripts)
  • interfere with other networks, data or personal information.
  • hosting data that is violent, harmful, offensive or disrespect the rights of other cizitens.
  • scripts that contain viruses, worms, trojans and responsible for collect data that you are not supposed to collect for any purpose.
  • cryptocurrency mining, traffic exchange scripts, CPU mining activities

If you are looking to maximize full performance of your CPU and Disk I/O (such as mining or traffic exchange scripts), then we’d recommend purchasing a Dedicated Server, where such activities are allowed.